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ESCANABA, MI--OCTOBER 16, 2014-2;26 A.M.
What if someone walked into an Upper Peninsula hospital, and said he just returned from a trip to West Africa and wasn't feeling good? What would our local hospitals do, just in case that person had the deadly Ebola virus?
Federal officials have said that all hospitals in the country need to be ready. So, I asked Lanna Scannell at OSF Saint Francis Hospital here in Escanaba: are we ready? She says we are.
Scannell told me that there are protocols in place to deal with an infected person. She says they have provided specialized training for their staff, and have purchased new protective gear.

They've identified 'negative pressure areas' within the hospital where such patients would be quaranteened. And she says the hospital is in the process of identifying a team of caregivers who would work specifically with those types of patients.

But from all of those assurances, I still don't know a few things. How would an effected person be isolated from other patients, and how quickly? How would that person be transported out of here and on to a larger hospital outside of the Upper Peninsula?
By ambulance? By small plane? By helicopter? And what about those drivers or pilots? Would they be given Hazmat suits? Would the suits even work, as we apparently see that nurse in Dallas not being able to avoid the virus.

But here's my biggest observation. The media is blowing this out of proportion. Remember on January 1, 2000, when Y2K was going to be a major technolgical worldwide disaster? Remember the SARS epidemic? How about the H1N1 bird flu? Just a few weeks ago everyone was worried about Enterovirus D-68. Now, it's Ebola.

Yep, I know that people have died during the above examples. But I am not convinced that Ebola is "the plague that shall visit the Earth",which will lead to devastation on the scale that was seen in the Stephen King novel/TV miniseries "The Stand". I hope that I am right!

---later, Jack

ESCANABA, MI--OCTOBER 14, 2014-1:24 A.M.
I enjoy going to high school sporting events in our area, watching the kids play football, volleyball, tennis...and run cross-country. I had fun on the Rapid River sideline up in Eben on Saturday, taking videos and photos for my RRNSports.com web site.
Sometimes, being on the sidelines is more fun than going to broadcast a game!

But I must admit that tonight, I enjoyed having no games to cover. I hung out with my friend Charlie, who recorded a bunch of Travel Channel shows on haunted places.
It was fun to sit here, relax, and learn about the pirates house in Savannah, Georgia, and a lighthouse on Lake Erie in Ohio. Do I believe in ghosts? Um, well, I don't know!

I will be at the Escanaba vs Gladstone volleyball match Tuesday night!

---later, Jack

ESCANABA, MI--OCTOBER 13, 2014-1:04 A.M.
Governor Rick Snyder is an incompetant boob who cares nothing about seniors or school children.
Former Congressman Mark Schauer is a novice when it comes to money, and has no idea what he's talking about when it comes to taxes and public policy. That's pretty much what we got from Sunday night's debate between the Republican Snyder and his Democratic opponent, Schauer.
In a debate from Detroit that was heard live on NewsTalk 600 WCHT, Schauer repeatedly attacked Snyder's record as governor.
But, in my estimation, Schauer made very few inroads. He was able to corner the governor on the troubled Aramark prison food service deal, and on whether Snyder would approve same-sex marriages if a federal appeals court allows them. Snyder is waiting for the court ruling.

Schauer did not make waves with his major points about the governor "cutting" K-12 edcucation, and on the pension tax that Snyder signed into law in 2011.
The governor was able to adequately explain how education spending has actually increased, when you take into account extra money the state put in to shore up school pensions...and the fact that some of the cash Schauer was referring to was federal stimulus money that went to schools but was never intended to be replaced by the state. Thus, it was a "cut" to Dems.

And on the pension tax, Snyder was clear in explaining that some seniors with 401k plans and others who were still working were paying state sales tax. So, why shouldn't other people of the same who were retirees also pay state income taxes? Fairness, is what he called it.
There were other issues brought up, but those were the main ones. Keep tuned to the Radio Results Network stations for more news as the November 4th election gets closer!
---later, Jack

GLADSTONE, MI--OCTOBER 10, 2014-2:09 A.M.
And so it is Rivalry Weekend in high school football. Escanaba vs Gladstone. Iron Mountain vs Kingsford. Rapid River vs Superior Central. I hope the kids all have fun this weekend with these games, and that us adults don't make such a big deal of things and let the kids have fun.

Also on Saturday, the Escanaba High School will host the annual Elks Volleyball Invitational. Teams from across the Upper Peninsula will be there. It all starts at 9:00 Saturday morning and I plan to be there for a bit, before traveling to Eben to watch the RR vs SC football game.
And besides the local stuff I mentioned, yes, Detroit Red Wings Hockey is back! The Wings beat the Boston Bruins Thursday night in the season-opener. Be sure to listen to every Red Wings hockey game, home and away, on WGLQ-FM (97.1) this season.

And I hope you will listen to the Gladstone vs Escanaba varsity football game Friday night on Kool 105.5 FM, NewsTalk 600 AM, and on-line at www.rrnsports.com.

---later, Jack

ESCANABA, MI--OCTOBER 9, 2014-1:55 A.M.
The Upper Peninsula high school girls tennis season ended on Wednesday, a week later than scheduled.
While Westwood won the MHSAA Division Two U.P. title last week, the Division One tournament was rained out. So, the girls were in Kingsford today to settle the D-1 title.

Negaunee ended up winning the championship, with Kingsford second and Escanaba a close third.
Congratulations to Escanaba's Hannah Beversluis (pictured here) for winning the U.P. title at #4 singles. Escanaba's #4 doubles team also won a U.P. title, and the #3 singles and #3 doubles entrants were U.P. runners-up for the Eskymos.

Gladstone's top doubles team of Anna Carabella and Paige Schwartz had a great day, too, winning the first set of their #1 doubles Finals match before losing in three sets.

I had a fun time being around the girls this fall, in all types of weather. I thought the Esky and Gladstone girls hustled and played hard, and they represented their schools well.

Hope you will tune in on the radio Thursday night as I broadcast the junior varsity football game between the Escanaba Eskymos and Gladstone Braves. It is the one time of the year that the JV kids get on the radio.

The broadcast starts at about 5:50 pm. on AM-600, and on-line at www.rrnsports.com!

---later, Jack

ESCANABA, MI--OCTOBER 8, 2014-1:38 A.M.
I miss shortwave radio.

Yep, that was the device that you'd listen to back in the day, with all of that static and crackling.
But what you heard through all of that static was something that you could not get with a regular radio or television here in the Upper Peninsula.
Direct news broadcasts from Taiwan, China, Cuba, Canada, Ecuador, Russia, Germany, the Netherlands, and the big ones... Radio Australia, Radio Japan, the Voice of America from Washington and the BBC World Service from Great Britain. "This is London", they would say to start every hour.

When I was a college student at NMU in the early 1990's, I had a Panasonic World Band Radio that let me listen in, by moving an anologue dial, a few degrees here or there...at certain times of the day or night...to listen to news, music, and yes, political propoganda, from around the world.
Some nights it would come in clear, other nights not at all. That was the fun of it. To see which stations would come in, and for how long. During the early 90's Gulf War, I was glued to that radio.
These international broadcasters would ask you to mail them reports about how clear their stations came in at my location, and then they'd send small gifts like station stickers, bookmarks, or sometimes, even a small flag.
The biggest prize was a "QSL Card", which the international radio station's engineers would send to you when they verified your report of how their station was being received here.
I remember being excited as a college kid to go to the mailbox and see an envelope from far-away radio station that had replied to my reception report. It was an adventure back then to see which station you could hear, and it was all for free.

But now, shortwave radio is almost dead around the world, and certainly is dead here in the United States. The vast majority of countries have switched their broadcasts from shortwave to the Internet. I can receive very few singals on my old shortwave radio nowadays. It's on-line now.
So sad. But, it is a sign of the times, I guess. The world keeps on moving...
---later, Jack

ESCANABA, MI--OCTOBER 7, 2014-2:27 A.M.
We learned on Monday that there will be no charges filed against a former Catholic priest who was alleged to have had sexual contact with boys back in the 1990's in Manistique.

The Marquette Catholic Diocese found the allegations against Fr. James Menapace to be "credible". So much so that the Bishop removed Menapace from any role in the Church.

The Schoolcraft County Prosecutor says that Michigan's Statute of Limitations are in play here. Had the alleged crimes happened within the past ten years, there could have been charges filed against Menapace. But the victims came forward too late. And now, they get no justice.

I know that Statutes of Limitations exist to make sure that some crimes are solved within a certain time period, and people cannot be subjected to investigation after investigation for their whole lives. If proof can't be shown within a certain time frame, then it's over.

There is no statute of limitation on murder, for example. Should they be removed for sex crimes? Or at least extended longer than ten years? I guess I don't know all of the ramifications, especially if someone really is innocent and has to face these kind of allegations indefinately.

I just feel bad for the boys...now men...involved in this case. They have no recourse now.

---later, Jack

ESCANABA, MI--OCTOBER 6, 2014-2:12 A.M.
Well, it was a pretty tough sports weekend for me.

My Detroit Tigers were eliminated in three straight playoff games by the Baltimore Orioles. The Chicago Bears blew a 21-7 lead and lost to the Carolina Panthers, 31-24. The Gladstone Braves football team fell behind 28-0 in Sault Ste. Marie and had their rally come up six points short. And the Escanaba Eskymos were pounded by a very good Menominee team on EHS Homecoming.

I am proud to report, though, that our "small school" football teams did well. Rapid River beat Cedarville, 20-19, to improve to 6-0. And Bark River-Harris ripped Stephenson, 52-12, and so the Broncos are now 5-1 for the first time in a long, long time!

The Escanaba Eskymos boys cross country team dominated at the Golden K Invitational at the Escanaba Country Club, and the Gladstone Braves girls did a nice job as well. I have posted details on all of the weekend sports activities at www.rrnsports.com.
And believe it or not, the college hockey season got underway this weekend. Michigan Tech beat Lake Superior State, 5-3, on Saturday, and 5-1 on Sunday. The Detroit Red Wings open their regular season this upcoming Thursday night. So...winter is on the way!

I hope all of you get to enjoy at least one fall day before the winter gets here. Take a drive around this awesome Upper Peninsula and look at the reds, yellows, and oranges on the leaves. I enjoyed doing that during my trip to the Sault this weekend, despite the rain!
---later, Jack

GLADSTONE, MI--OCTOBER 3, 2014-2:57 A.M.
Had a fun time tonight with the Gladstone High School junior varsity football team.
The guys beat Sault Ste. Marie, 53-19, after building a 33-0 halftime lead. I am happy to see Coach Andy Doutree have some success. He puts a lot of time into this.
His JV boys were 0-9 last year and that is not fun. This year, the JV boys are 3-3 and the varsity is 3-2 headed into a big game Friday night in Sault Ste.Marie. I have posted videos and photos from the JV game...the kids like it and I am glad to make them smile with a few posts.

Go HERE  To click on the photos and videos for the JV Braves.

Hope you will all listen on the radio or on-line Friday night as I head to the Soo for the varsity game. On Kool 105.5 FM, NewsTalk 600 AM, and rrnsports.com at 6:45 p.m.

---later, Jack 

ESCANABA, MI--OCTOBER 2, 2014-2:11 A.M.
Over the last few days, I've had friends and colleagues ask me my opinion of the University of Michigan Shane Morris situation.
It appears that Morris, the team's quarterback, had an ankle injury during last Saturday's game against Minnesota. And then, he took a monstorous hit that made him wobbly. But U-M Coach Brady Hoke put Morris back in the game later in the fourth quarter for one play.

Now, I didn't watch the game live, so I went on-line later and watched the play. It was obvious that Morris was in bad shape. He should not have been put back in the game. Hoke said at a news conference that he didn't know that Morris has a concussion. I believe him.

Why do they have the high-priced medical staff on the sidelines at U-M football games? To assess a kid's health. I put the blame on them, first of all.
I also put the blame on Hoke's assistant coaches up in the press box. If they can call down to the sidelines and say "hey, let's challenge that last catch along the sidelines", then surely those assistants should have called down and told Hoke to check on Morris.

Unltimately, this is a black eye on Hoke and the entire U-M football program.
I think that if the Wolverines were 5-0 and ranked #5 in the country, the outcry down in Ann Arbor wouldn't be as big. But the U-M team has been routed three straight weeks, and they are not used to that down there.
I think that Hoke will eventually be fired, but not only because of Shane Morris' concussion.
---later, Jack

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