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ESCANABA, MI---AUGUST 23, 2016-1:28 A.M.
This will be the last post for me on this blog.

And I'm moving to a new one on our newly-upgraded web site. I think I have been typing on this particular page for at least seven years. It was the first time I ever heard of the term "blog". Now, it's on to a different platform.

Within the next couple of days, these old pages, like www.wchtradio.com will be going away. From now on, just go to www.radioresultsnetwork.com to see the latest news stories, still posted and updated by me! And soon, I will have a new blog there, so I hope you will still follow along to my rants and raves.

Most of you get the news and blog entries by clicking the link on www.rrnsports.com. I will be in touch with our web master soon to update those links, so you can click where you always have, and then book mark those pages.

Thanks a lot, and...

---later, Jack

ESCANABA, MI---AUGUST 22, 2016-1:00 A.M.
We have some exciting changes coming to our on-line sites.
In fact, some of those changes have already happened. Our main web site, www.radioresultsnetwork.com , has been re-launched. This web site looks better, cuts down on confusion, and incorporates the new radio stations that have joined the RRN family this year. You can easily find where to listen to our stations, live, on-line.

My part of all of this is the News page. This is totally new, and, again, will have a better look to it. We are still working out some of the bugs, so bear with us. Also, this blog will have a different look to it. The sports web site, www.rrnsports.com, is not changing.

If you get to this blog, or to the news page, from www.rrnsports.com, there will be a change to the new pages in the coming days. You will need to set new bookmarks, and then you're golden. Hope you like the changes to our Internet products!

---later, Jack

ESCANABA, MI---AUGUST 19, 2016-1:58 A.M.
I must admit that I am loving this Chicago Cubs baseball team.

They had a tough stretch where they went 6-17 or something like that just before the All-Star Game, but they have dominated most of the season. And Jake Arietta doesn't have to pitch a shutout every time he throws. On Thursday, the Cubs beat the Brewers, 9-6. That's right. Nine runs for Arietta. That's more than he was getting for most of last season.

Hopefully, the Cubs' great season keeps going deep into October, and they don't get bounced out of the playoffs like they did last year when the Mets swept them. I am holding out hope that the Cubs will finally win a World Series!

Keep tuned to our Radio Results Network stations because we have some heavy rain coming this weekend. If you are going to do some camping, or to the U.P. State Fair, keep an eye to the sky, and keep a radio nearby. Also...the City of Escanaba has been speeding up its paving projects on Ludington Street and South 14th Street because the rain is coming. So, stay tuned and have a good weekend!
---later, Jack

ESCANABA, MI---AUGUST 18, 2016-1:01 A.M.
Here's a vote for responsible people to have a concealed weapon permit.
The clerk at the America's Best Value Inn in Marquette had one when three young men from Escanaba allegedly went into the motel early Tuesday and tried to rob him at knifepoint. When the clerk pointed his legal gun at the suspects, they ran out of there.
The three had apparently robbed Escanaba's Quality Inn the day before. That clerk apparently didn't have a weapon and was robbed.
I think that if more responsible people have guns...including teachers in the classroom...senseless deaths by violence can be avoided.

The three, by the way, have not yet been charged with the robbery at the Quality Inn, but they were charged with four felonies in Marquette on Wednesday.
As for me, I had an injection in my right eye to try to improve my vision. So, if you see me with a bloodshot eye on Thursday, that's the reason...the eye gets "bruised" in these procedures. I will have to explain that to Governor Snyder when I interview him so he doesn't think I'm coming into the room stoned .

---later, Jack

ESCANABA, MI---AUGUST 17, 2016-1:01 A.M.
The baseball and softball season is just barely in my rear-view mirror, but don't look now, here comes the high school sports season. The Escanaba Eskymos will open the girls tennis season this morning with a match in Marquette. Can it really be fall sports season?

Well, yes, it is. Volleyball and football are also practicing, with volleyball teams playing this weekend and football the following week. The cross country teams are also ready to go.
I will be headed to Escanaba Eskymos football practice this morning, and then to the doctors' office for another treatment to the old eyeballs. I believe it will go well. Thanks to Susie and Don for covering for me again in the news department. They're simply awesome.

---later, Jack

ESCANABA, MI---AUGUST 16, 2016-1:07 A.M.
The Bay College Norse. That's what the new athletic teams at Bay will be called. That announcement was made Monday night at the U.P. State Fair. They will start out in 2017 with men's and women's basketball, as well as men's and women's cross country.

I'm not sure how Bay College Athletics will be received in the community, but I hope people give it a chance. Some old-timers who remember Bay sports in the 1970's were hoping for the name from that era...the Norsemen...would be picked. This comes close.
I like the logo. I like the idea. But there are some big challenge. In my opinion, there's no way that the YMCA Gym can be considered adequate to play junior college basketball games. So, improvements will be needed there. Where will the cash-strapped college get the money to make those upgrades? The Y isn't rolling in dough, either.

I'm betting that this was already considered before the decision was made to add athletics. And the college made a good choice in hiring Matt Johnson to be the athletic director and basketball coach. He will work hard at both, I can assure you that.
This will be a great opportunity for kids from our area to continue playing ball after high school, and do it right here in Delta County. Good start. let's keep it going.

---later, Jack

ESCANABA, MI---AUGUST 15, 2016-1:00 A.M.
I watched a lot of the Olympics over the weekend.
Not sure why, I just found it on my TV from time to time and got interested.
Of course, whenever Michael Phelps was in the pool, I was watching. I mean, that's history in the making. What an amazing effort for him to get four gold medals and a silver.

But I also watched some other things...like tonight, I watched beach volleyball between two girls from Brazil and two from Russia. Talk about intense!

My eyes are struggling a little bit, but I know Dr. Kohli will take care of things when I go in Tuesday afternoon. Other than that, I'm doing well. Have a good Monday!

---later, Jack

ESCANABA, MI---AUGUST 12, 2016-1:16 A.M.
Isn't Michael Phelps amazing? I admit that I am not a swimming fan, per se, but to watch this man beat every single world-class swimmer that he gets in the pool against...with all of the pressure in the world against him...is purely amazing to me.

Phelps won another gold medal on Thursday, giving him four in these Olympics at the ripe old age of 31. He still has a shot at a couple more gold as the Olympics continue. Phelps has 22 gold medals in his Olympic swimming career. Twenty-two. Amazing!

Want to congratulate Jared Vuksan for being named one of the captains of the Northern Michigan University football team. Vuxx, as we called him when he played for the Gladstone Braves, is truly one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. He is a big young man, but he fits the "gentle giant" mantra perfectly. Vuxx would do anything for any of us, and to see a local Gladstone boy be recognized as a leader at NMU is excellent to see.

And how about one more congratulations for the Escanaba Big League Girls softball team for their Little League World Series appearance. The community got together for a celebration for the girls Thursday night, and it stopped raining just in time. I have posted pictures on RRNSports.com. Will we have a third straight trip to Delaware next summer? Well, it's possible with the excellent girls we have in the softball programs here.

---later, Jack

ESCANABA, MI---AUGUST 11, 2016-1:00 A.M.
It's getting crazy around here, and maybe we as an Upper Peninsula society has been sheltered for a long time. Or maybe some of us have been in denial.

I'm talking about drugs.

And not just a couple kids sneaking a joint of weed. I'm talking about meth, crack cocaine, and other hard drugs. There was a drug bust four blocks away from where I live on Ludington Street Monday night. An active meth lab, according to police.

What's scary about that is whoever these kids are had no concern at all for the other people who live in that apartment building. If the meth lab blows up, innocent people downstairs could be killed. But these people don't care.

And in Manistique, a drug bust on the same night, a woman with crack cocaine in her home, within 500 feet of a school. She obviously didn't care about the kids walking by her home to school every day. And here in Escanaba, that meth lab was across the street from the Escanaba Middle School. Just plain crazy...and scary.

---later, Jack

ESCANABA, MI---AUGUST 8, 2016-11:43 P.M.
Home Sweet Home. I haven't been able to say that for a while, unless a hotel room counts. I really enjoy staying at hotels and traveling across the country, and seeing new places. But don't they say that home is where the heart is? I'm glad to be back in the U.P.!

I spent 26 of the last 28 nights in a hotel room. All while traveling with our very successful Little League and American Legion baseball and softball teams.
My odyssey started on the morning of July 12th, when I drove to Grand Rapids to cover the Escanaba Big League Girls in the state finals. From there, it was to Kalamazoo for the Escanaba Major Girls at their state tournament, and then to Georgetown LL for the Delta County Junior Girls...where they destroyed the competition to win a state title.
I spent seven nights in a hotel, then came home for two days, then on July 22nd, hit the road again. South Bend, Indiana for a night to cover the Senior Girls at the Central Regional. Then to Elgin, Illinois, for the Big League Girls. Then to South Holland, Illinois for the Junior Girls. Then to Adrian, Michigan (for one day) to cover the Escanaba Cubs in their state tournament. Then, to Delaware, again, for the Softball World Series.
I just got home tonight (Monday night). Eighteen days in a row on the road, and like I said, 26 of 28. I should get my rent for free this month!

Thanks to all of our sponsors for giving us the ability to broadcast these games from across the country. Thanks to Don Curran and Susie Larson for their extra work in the RRN News Center. Thanks to Mary Gauthier for taking so many pictures and videos for RRNSports.com. Thanks to Brandon Kowalkowski for broadcasting the girls games with me and for helping to set up and break down the broadcast equipment every day.

Thanks to Alize, Lauren, Travis and Mike Smith for being the board operators to play the commercials for my games. Thanks to Ron Plum for taking care of the morning sports, updating me on things, and even going to South Bend to cover a couple of games for me...along with all of the other Little League games that he broadcast locally.
Thanks to my bosses Jesse Huff and Mike Daniels for allowing the baseball and softball broadcasts to be such a big part of our summers at RRN. And thanks to all of you for listening. Now, my friends, it is time to sleep. In my own bed!

---later, Jack

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